The Pomegranate enters the upper crushing device from the feeding hopper- the upper crushing device presses the Pomegranate, and the lower crushing device presses the Pomegranate again. Pomegranate are a superfood with many benefits that contribute to the health of blood vessels, heart, and skin, and full of red antioxidant pigments vitamins B1, B2, B6 and c, potassium and cooper. But removing the peel and seeds of Pomegranate is a tough work that needs a helpful equipment. Developed for industrial use, our pomegranate peeling machine designed to peel the entire Pomegranate and separate its seeds easily and efficiently. It is a necessary equipment to produce Pomegranate juice, drink, and other Pomegranate-based products.

Pomegranate Peeling Machine :-

1. High peeling and flesh/seeds rate of more than 97%,low peel breaking rate of less than 1%.

2.Except for the drive part, the machine is made of stainless steel, hygiene and durable.

3. Automatic processing makes the machine easy operate.