Best Skin Specialist In Hinjewadi

Skin & Scalps is a professional aesthetic and skin health clinic that specializes in integrated skincare. This means we examine all of the internal and exterior factors that could impact the skin’s condition and appearance. We offer treatment plans that are tailored to each individual and their specific skin conditions. Considering the various factors involved in obtaining and maintaining optimal skin health and appearance, Skin & Scalps can combine medical, aesthetic, cosmeceutical, nutritional, and lifestyle approaches as required. This integrative approach targets maximum effectiveness. Get in touch with us if you are suffering from any skin concerns, the Skin & Scalps team will be happy to help you.

Common Skin Disorders We Treat:
Skin Infections
Sun Damage
Skin Discoloration
Our Treatments
Pimple & Acne Treatment
Anti-aging Treatment
PCOS Treatment
Dermatitis Treatment
Eczema Treatment
Skin Allergies Treatment
Burn Marks Treatment
Skin Tag Removal
Psoriasis Treatment
Pigmentation & Marks Treatment
Scar Treatments
Laser Hair Removal Treatment
Skin Tightening Treatment
Skin Lifts Treatment
Skin Brightening Treatment
If you’re looking for Skin specialist in Hinjewadi, worried about your skin? Dr. Sohana takes care of the skin issues of both men and women. She also offers treatments for acne, pigmentation, cellulite and hair loss.

If your skin is looking a little tired or lacks radiance, Book an appointment with our expert dermatologists and cosmeticians.