What if Anakin had the high ground?

In the core of the universe, where the Power wove its many-sided embroidery of predetermination, a story unfurled that would reverberate through the ages. The seductive whispers of the dark side had lured Anakin Skywalker, once the Chosen One destined to restore harmony to the Force. Changed into the unpropitious figure of Darth Vader, he left on a war zone, leaving a wake of unrest afterward.The ferocious conflict raging within Anakin’s afflicted soul was demonstrated by the volcanic Mustafar planet. The air was thick with the bitter aroma of liquid stone as the double suns cast an unfavorable gleam upon the barren scene. Anakin, now Vader, stood in front of a silhouette of volcanoes, a stark reminder of the inner turmoil that was mirrored in the flaming landscape.