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Wagbet was established with an aim to create an avenue for greyhound racing NSW fanatics to get helpful insights, news, and information about the sport. Although many greyhound racing sites in Australia have come and gone, Wagbet has continued to be a reliable and trusted provider of insightful and realistic greyhound racing odds and betting tips in Australia.
Greyhound & Horse Racing in Australia
For the best Greyhound racing and Australian horse racing tips, look no further than Wagbet. We are the racing enthusiasts you can count on for great greyhound racing odds and tips that will help you get the results you want. You’ll be getting tips from a greyhound racing trainer that held a license for fifty years. That’s a long time learning and understanding the industry. Using the skills he learned over the decades, he is now able to dish out great tips so that other racing enthusiasts can make a profit. Our Horse racing Australia team study form and track conditions on race day to ensure our clients are getting the most up to date information. To learn more about the services we offer, or to ask about our membership fees, please send a message through our contact form on the Service page. We spend hours on researching our database to find profit for our members and providing them with a staking plan. Don’t be a gambler and bet in every race, Be a smart punter and invest with knowledge to make a profit. Be responsible.

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