Time temperature indicator is used in refrigerated environments

A time temperature indicator is an instrument that can be used to monitor the temperature of refrigerated environments. It has a small footprint, high accuracy, simple operation, and low price. Suitable for use in refrigerated containers, refrigerated trucks, freezers, medical cabinets, medical refrigerators, and other environments.

The Thermis Tag 1 time temperature indicator can be easily configured with high and low-temperature alarm ranges, making it the ideal solution for monitoring shipments of vaccines, proteins, or any temperature-sensitive product. This temperature indicator uses advanced battery technology, and the power consumption of the device is very low, so the working time can reach 5 years. The cost is very low for cold chain environment temperature monitoring. The temperature monitoring range of this indicator is -30℃~+70℃, and the accuracy is ±0.5℃ in the full range (-30℃ to +70℃). Two or seven-alarm points can be set, and the user can select the alarm point according to needs. Quantity can help you deal with abnormal situations in time, which can ensure the normal temperature of the cold chain environment.

Time temperature indicator also has the characteristics of good waterproof level and can be used for temperature monitoring of sensitive items such as food, medicine, biological reagents, etc. Its high accuracy can provide users with more reliable temperature monitoring and assist the quality management of refrigerated items.
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