Substance Abuse Rehabilitation Basics

Substance Abuse Rehab
Living with a substance use disorder can be debilitating, leaving you feeling less in control of your life, and more like your substance use controls you. But you can achieve recovery, with evidence-based substance abuse treatment programs offering several effective strategies to help you break free from substance abuse, overcome cravings, and learn to flourish in your new life in recovery.

The Challenge of Overcoming Substance Abuse
Substance abuse comes in many different forms. Some people have trouble controlling their alcohol use, while others are completely dependent upon illicit drugs like heroin, fentanyl, cocaine, or methamphetamine. But there is also prescription substance abuse, psychedelic substance abuse, or polysubstance abuse – where people use multiple different drugs simultaneously.

But all these patterns of addictive behavior share a common pathway that leads to addiction. Addictive drugs cause a cascade of changes in the brain that make it more likely for people to use their drugs of choice over and over again and nearly impossible for you to stop on your own.