Sagar Thakur Net Worth 2024: A Massive Jump In 7 Years

Sagar Thakur, who is also known as Maxtern. Professionally he is an e-gamer and content creator best known by his Maxtern YouTube channel. The estimated Sagar Thakur net worth is in crores.

Sagar Thakur net worth
Sagar Thakur is a social media influencer, content creator, and YouTuber known as Maxtern. He is well-known for creating gaming videos. Maxtern was born on 24 November 1997 in Saharsa, Bihar. After his birth, his family came to Delhi in the year 2001. Sagar Thakur aka Maxtern education: he is an IIT alumnus, who studied from the Delhi campus. Maxtern age is 26 years.

Moreover, Sagar Thakur is an eminent eSports athlete, recognized for his leadership as the captain of ES (Elite Squad) in PUBG Mobile tournaments. Additionally, his sense of humor is considered one of the best. Some people even say that he is better than CarryMinati. He is also a famous YouTuber with 41.5M subscribers.