Predicting Mortality : Al Model By Danish Researchers Estimate Life Span and Predict Death

In Denmark, researchers are using the full potential of AI and data collected from millions of individuals to navigate the various stages of a person's life and build a conclusion. Their motive is to throw light on both capabilities and potential risks related to this advanced technology. The makers of lifezvec are driven by a curiosity to disclose patterns and correlations that deep-learning algorithms, known for their capacity to delve into complex data sets, might reveal. Their goal is to develop a predictive tool capable of foreseeing a broad spectrum of health and social milestones.

"It's a very general framework for making predictions about human lives. It can predict anything where you have training data," said Sune Lehmann, who is a professor at the Technical University of Denmark and is also one of the authors of a study recently published in the journal Nature Computational Science.

For Lehmann, one of the minds behind the project, the scope of possibilities appears boundless. She emphasized the potential of the Al model to forecast diverse health outcomes. Read more-(