Plastic Surgery Instruments: Understanding Their Role in Cosmetic Procedures

Surgical Instruments (Used in Invasive Procedures):
1. Scalpels and Blades: These sharp instruments are used for making precise incisions. The blades come in various shapes and sizes, and they are usually disposable to ensure sterility.
2. Scissors: Different designs include Metzenbaum (for delicate tissues), Mayo (for more inflexible tissues), and Stevens (for fine dissection).
3. Forceps: Various designs, such as Adson (for delicate grasping), Allis (for grasping tissues), and Hemostatic (for controlling bleeding).
4. Needles and Sutures: Sutures can be absorbable (like Vicryl) or non-absorbable (like Nylon). Needles can be straight or curved, with varying sizes.
5. Retractors: These devices expose the surgical site. Examples include Weitlaner (self-retaining) and Senn (handheld).
6. Cannulas: Used in liposuction, various cannulas like Mercedes, Fluted, and Basket differ in tip design and hole placement.