Max estates sector 36A Apartment With Servant Quarter

Max Estates Sector 36A enhances the convenience and comfort of residents. It allows families to have domestic help readily available without compromising on their privacy or living space.Having a servant quarter gives residents the flexibility to hire household help or accommodate existing staff members, facilitating a smoother daily routine and ensuring that household chores are managed efficiently.The presence of a servant quarter within the apartment complex contributes to enhanced security and safety measures. Max Estates Gurgaon has 2BHK units offer a generous space of 2100 sqft, providing ample room for comfortable living.and Luxurious 3BHK Units With a size of 2400 sqft, the 3BHK units exemplify luxury living at Max Estates Sector 36A.all are cames under pricing of 4.2 cr of 2 BHK and 4.8 cr of 3 BHK

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