Innovation Journal – Web of Science Journal List

The Web of Science is a paid platform that provides access to multiple databases. It provides reference and citation data from a variety of resources including academic journals, conference proceedings, and other documents in various academic disciplines. The Institute for Scientific Information originally produced this Web of Science journal list in 1997. It is currently managed by Clarivate.

Web of Science Journals is a website that helps researchers access journals with one click. The web covers almost all the subjects. Furthermore, the researchers can also get details of Web of Science journals. Simply enter the journal title in the search bar. Subjects included in the Journal List Web of Science are:

Agricultural sciences
Biological sciences
Art and Humanities
Environmental Sciences
Molecular biology
Business, Management, and Accounting
And more
There are also subcategories on the web. These subcategories include:

Animal Research
Banking & Finance
Climatology, Meteorology & Oceanography
Community Medicine
Educational Technology
Food Science
And more….