How much does it cost to integrate a payment gateway | LetsPe

"Typically, integration process is free, but some payment providers may charge a fixed or monthly fees. Letspe doesnt charge anything to integrate a payment gateway. It is FREE to integrate LetsPe payment gateway. A chargeback fee is a cost charged by acquiring banks to merchants in order to discipline them for recycling unauthorized transactions. A credit card chargeback occurs when a client (cardholder) rejects a credit card charge and wishes to cancel the deal. For further information about the cost of integrating payment gateway, you can communicate with the LetsPe team to modernise the conclusive pricing details.


Different payment gateways had their different charges and fees and different features too. If you’re looking for a payment gateway then please check out these above factors. LetsPe Payment Gateway offers seamless transactions and charges very low fees as compared to other payment gateways.
It's FREE to integrate LetsPe payment gateway into your company websites or stores. Whether your online store is developed on Woocommerce, OpenCart, WHMCS or others, you can set up an online payment gateway with Zero cost of integrating payment gateway. Even if you may find some other service providers charge you the payment gateway integration cost, don’t worry, LetsPe is here to guide you FREE.