How Many Pull ups a Day : Your Complete Guide

How Many Pull ups a Day – Average
For men, performing 12+ pull ups are considered strong and for women it is 8+. However, if you can do 8 + (being men) and 3+ (being women) then you are definitely above the average. However, there is no definite guide lines.

Factors behind it:

Your Fitness Level

Your level of fitness always plays a vital role in determining the number of pull-ups you should be able to do. Sometimes an untrained guy may find it very difficult to perform even one pull-up, on the other hand trained individuals can perform multiple reps very easily as well as effortlessly. Your pull-up count should increase as you progress in your training. These numbers can vary depending on various fitness factors.

Body Weight

Body weight can impact your capability to perform pull ups. An average man should be suitable to do a single pull up with roughly 15 % of his body weight in backing and well trained lifters should be suitable to do a single weighted pull up with around 40 % to 50 % of their body weight added. It’s important to note that these figures aren't set in gravestone and can vary depending on the individual’s body weight, height and other factors.