What are the main causes of hair fall?

Hair fall can be caused by various factors, including genetics, hormonal changes, stress, poor
nutrition, scalp infections, and certain medications or medical conditions, which weaken hair follicles
and lead to excessive shedding.
Keeping this problem in mind, Cerise Naturals introduces its
new product Intense Hair Growth Serum hair growth serum for
Some special elements are found in our product

which helps in regrowth of our hair.

STEMCELL:- Stem cell therapy for hair growth harnesses the body's natural healing abilities to
stimulate dormant hair follicles, promoting thicker and fuller hair. This non-invasive treatment offers
a promising solution for addressing hair loss and improving overall hair density, restoring confidence
and enhancing appearance.
REDENSYL:- Redensyl is a potent hair growth ingredient that targets hair follicle stem cells,
promoting rapid and robust hair regrowth. By activating dormant follicles and prolonging the hair
growth phase, Redensyl enhances hair density and thickness, offering a visible improvement in hair
volume and coverage.
PROCAPIL:- Procapil strengthens hair follicles, reduces hair loss, and promotes thicker, healthier hair
growth. By improving scalp circulation and blocking the hormone DHT, Procapil prolongs the hair
growth phase, resulting in increased hair density and improved overall hair appearance.
AMINEXIL:- Aminexil prevents hair loss by targeting factors that weaken hair roots, promoting
stronger and healthier hair growth. By anchoring hair firmly in the scalp and prolonging its lifespan,
Aminexil reduces shedding and enhances hair thickness and density, resulting in a fuller-looking
head of hair.