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Guntur Kaaram is an action romance starring Mahesh Babu as the protagonist – Karam, the notoriously powerful kingpin of Guntur's shadowy underworld operations. Though feared by law enforcement and criminals alike, Karam has carefully cultivated public persona as a respectable businessman and philanthropist.

Karam's unlawful empire controlling Guntur thrives through extortion rackets and influence peddling that keeps corrupt public officials silent. However, Karam finds an unlikely challenger in the form of Satya, an intrepid investigative journalist. She arrives in Guntur determined to expose the rampant crime, government collusion and Karam's links to every shady deal brokering the illegal schemes running the city from behind a façade.

As Satya publishes scathing exposes, raids warehouses of black market goods under Karam’s possession and even confronts his associates with secret recordings, there is friction and threats from Karam’s shadow network for digging too deep. But after a tense first face-off with the enterprising Satya, Karam becomes entranced by her courage and conviction in the face of his warnings.

What follows is an edgy game of both danger and attraction between the willful journalist and the gangster. Satya has to reconcile her instincts that tell her Karam may have an ethical side with the duty she feels towards exposing criminals gaslighting society no matter the risks to her personal safety. The movie promises action, steamy romantic tension and social commentary as the turbulent lead couple grapple over the soul of their beloved city Guntur.
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