Graphic Design: Logo Designing

Logo Designing of a brand is very important as it is the identity of a brand. At Crochet Fashion Consultancy, before making the logo of a brand, we first understand the brand’s target audience, USP, values and aesthetics.
Keeping in mind the inspiration, vibe, style, color, name, product and aesthetics of the brand a graphic designer makes rough sketches of a logo on paper, then digitizes it on graphic design software like adobe photoshop, illustrator, Corel draw, Canva and more. A good illustrator keeps the logo simple and not very complicated.
A simple logo visual stays in the mind of people and gets noticed anywhere. Typography is another skill used by illustrators while designing a logo. Finally, comes the printing part of the logo. A good logo and its colors is the one which prints well on all sorts of displays like banners on roads, billboards, visiting cards, digitally on Pinterest, Instagram and other social media platforms.
The perfect design once approved by the client and with positive reviews is submitted to the client in the form of PNG, JPEF, JPG, PDF, PSD and more.
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