Factory License | DISH License | Dish approval with midcwala

A factory license from DISH (Directorate of Industrial Safety and Health) is required for setting up and operating a manufacturing unit. It ensures compliance with safety regulations, labour laws, and environmental standards. Contact DISH for exact information and directions on the licensing process. Prioritise the safety and well-being of your employees by obtaining a factory license from DISH.
The process of obtaining a factory license generally involves the following steps:
Application: An interested party applies to the DISH Department, providing details about the proposed factory, such as location, type of industry, machinery and equipment to be used, and estimated workforce.
Documentation: Along with the application, some documents may be required to be submitted, including the extent of ownership or lease of the premises, architectural plans, layout of the factory, and details of machinery and equipment.
Inspection: Once the application and documents are received, the DISH department may inspect the premises to assess suitability for industrial operations. This monitoring ensures that the factory meets the required safety standards, fire prevention measures, ventilation systems, and adequate working space for employees.
Compliance: The applicant as a factory owner must ensure that the premises and operations conform to the recommendations made during the inspection. This may include conducting necessary research or installing safety equipment by guidelines provided by DISH.
Approval and Issuance of License: Upon successful inspection and compliance with regulations, DISH issues a factory license to the applicant. The license usually included information such as the name and address of the factory, the type of industry, the maximum number of workers allowed, and the period of validity