Exploring the Origins of Shawarma

"Shawarma, the delectable Middle Eastern delicacy, has taken the world by storm with its mouth watering flavours and unique preparation. While many of us relish the taste of shawarma, have you ever wondered about the fascinating history behind this culinary delight?
The origins of shawarma can be traced back to the Middle East, with its roots in the Levant region, which includes modern-day countries like Lebanon, Syria, and Turkey. The word ""shawarma"" itself is believed to have been derived from the Turkish word ""çevirme,"" meaning ""turning"" or ""rotating."" This is a nod to the distinctive cooking method that involves stacking marinated meat on a vertical rotisserie and roasting it slowly as it turns, allowing the juices to drip down and infuse the meat with flavour.
The marinated meat traditionally used in shawarma includes beef, lamb, or chicken. These meats are thinly sliced, marinated in a blend of spices, and then stacked on the vertical spit. As the meat cooks, it's thinly shaved off the outer layer, creating tender, flavorful, and succulent slices that are perfect for stuffing into pita bread or wrapping in flatbreads.

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