Explore the top 10 amazing places in Vishakhapatnam

Vishakhapatnam is in Telangana state and also known as Vizag. You can come to Vishakhapatnam by air, train or road. The connectivity of buses in Vishakhapatnam is quite good. You can also take train from your city to come to the city. The first point in travelling to Vizag is that you will find it difficult to communicate. People in Vizag speak in Telugu so you can hire a guide for your tour and if you have hired a cab service in Vishakhapatnam then the driver will also help you as a guide. If you want to explore Vizag completely then you should plan two night stay in Vishakhapatnam.
The top 10 most attractive places in Vishakhapatnam
1. RK Beach
Among the top beaches in Vishakhapatnam, RK beach possesses the charm of the landscapes it presents, the atmosphere, and some real landmarks, such as the Dolphin’s Nose rock, that are worth-seeing. The beach presents colorful life to the people with food stalls offering you with local specialties, camel and horse rides, and cultural nights. Aquariums, Waxworks Museums and Art and Cultural, all ensure a wholesome enjoyment of all visitors, while offering ideal, calm and panoramic views of the Bay of Bengal and some spectacular sunsets.
2. Kailasagiri Hill Park
Atop of the Kailasgiri Hill which can be seen from anywhere in the Vishakhapatnam city this park gives an excellent view of the coastline. The Park provides a variety of leisure and recreation activities including manicured gardens, children's play areas and ropeway rides along scenic viewpoints. Guests of the summit can marvel at the colossus status of Lord Shiva and his consort Parvati, letting out the spiritual atmosphere within the calm settings.
3. Submarine Museum
This is a notion inside of the ex-submarine INS Kursura which has an exhibition of Indian naval defense and history of technology. Sightseers may roam through halls of the submersible, see galleries related to sea battles, and learn more about the unforgiving nature of underwater deployment. You should book a Cab service in Visakhapatnam to come here.
4. Borra Caves
These caves have become popular for their striking stalactite and stalagmite structures. The caves are located in Ananthagiri hills which form a picturesque backdrop. The spectacle of the limestone caves in archaeological site boasts artistry of nature as it is depicted by the fascinating formations that evoke level of fascination and amazement.
5. Simhachalam Temple
Varadharaja Pernthal is a magnificent and intricate temple dedicated to Lord Varaha Narasimha and it stands out with its beautiful Dravidian architecture and carvings. It is here, that devotees come to this holy site praying and meditating for better lives. The place of temple’s calming environment and sacredness make it a stand out that should be on the itinerary of all the lovers of religion and architecture.