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We at Fleetwood Waste Systems are very enthusiastic about proper waste disposal. We take our work very seriously, not only ensuring your trash disposal needs are taken care of quickly and efficiently, but that nearly all of it is recycled.

Like any business, there few rules and limitations that guide our refuse collection process. This pertains to the type of refuse that we can dispose of. Like all businesses in our industry, we must adhere to strict laws pertaining to waste organization, transportation, and handling.

Accordingly, we only handle the disposal of mixed waste and a variety of home, commercial, and industrial wastes. We have a list of waste materials that we are not able to accept and should not be put in our bins. If such materials are put in our bins, we will know and often have to charge additional processing fees or report it to higher authorities.

In this article, we will be differentiating between various categories of waste. We hope that it helps you, the customer, understand your waste and whether we accept it.