Best Fitness Institute in India | Diploma in Personal Training + CPR

The Diploma in Personal Training (DPT) course is the best evidence-based fitness training course if you want to become a personal trainer. Become a more confident, knowledgeable and effective personal trainer and grow in your fitness career. Learn the art and science of fitness training from internationally-certified fitness coaches having several years of training experience.

You will learn relevant concepts of biomechanics, kinesiology, human anatomy, training protocols, how to do research, how to design effective training programs for different clients having different fitness goals, fundamentals of nutrition, how to communicate effectively with your clients, how to get more personal training clients, how to build long-lasting relationship with your clients and get referral clients and how to build your own brand on social media to maximise your income. This course shall not only give you comprehensive knowledge but will also develop your communication and client management skills. This is the best course for current and aspiring fitness trainers.

You shall also be trained intensively on how to conduct Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) on a patient to increase the chance of survival in case of an emergency. This is a crucial skill to know as a fitness professional. You shall receive certificates for First Aid, CPR and how to use Automated External Defibrillator (AED) and shall be licensed to conduct CPR on anyone.