Author: Maharij

The Throne Verse (Arabic: آيَة ٱلْكُرْسِيّ, romanized: Ayāh al-Kursī) is the 255th verse of the second chapter of the Quran, al-Baqara 2:255. Verse 255 of Surah-e-Baqarah (chapter: The cow) in the... Read More

Rights of Husband and Wife: According to Hadith

Love is the Key to Peace Allah, the Almighty, has discussed the importance, aim and secret to success of a marital life in the following verse: وَمِنْ اٰيٰتِہٖٓ اَنْ خَلَقَ لَكُمْ مِّنْ... Read More

Is Crab and Octopus Halal in Islam: Yes

The short answer is Yes. Octopus is halal and Islam does not prohibit the consumption of octopus. Majorities of Muslims community do not believe the fact that octopus is halal due to... Read More

Modern Muslim Girl Names A to Z With Meanings

Islamic names hold a special depth of meaning, reflecting religious values and desired characteristics. Let’s begin by delving into the beauty of 500+ carefully curated Islamic baby girl names with... Read More