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Agnus castus targets the sexual organs as its primary point of influence on the organism. It diminishes sexual vitality, aligning with mental despondency and a decrease in nervous energy. This... Read More

Acon. A state of fearful unease, where anxiety grips both body and mind. Aconitum reveals itself through sudden, acute violent invasion with fever, refusing touch, and a rapid drain of... Read More

Actaea spicata, affectionately known as Baneberry, offers relief for rheumatic discomfort, particularly in delicate joints. Its distinctive traits include sharp, tingling pains, particularly afflicting the wrists. Pulsations ripple through the... Read More

An effective remedy for heart conditions following rheumatism, influenza, or Bright’s disease, particularly when the heart muscles are undergoing fatty degeneration. It regulates the pulse, enhances the power of heart... Read More

This remedy primarily affects the lower bowel, causing swollen hemorrhoidal veins, accompanied by a distinctive backache and an absence of actual constipation. Although there is intense pain, bleeding is minimal.... Read More

This remedy proves beneficial for scrofulous conditions, ophthalmia, and otorrhea, addressing painful, irritating, and scabby eruptions, along with hereditary syphilis. Skin: Various eruptions, including favus-like, scrofulous, herpetic, and eczematous. Relationship: Aethiops antimonialis-Hydrargyrum... Read More