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They frequently get their scrap materials from homes, construction sites, and industrial enterprises. After that, they could sell the materials to other recycling businesses or manufacturers so they can be used again. In India, scrap dealers are crucial to the waste management and economics of the nation. However, the industry needs to be properly controlled, and scrap merchants must adhere to high safety and environmental regulations.

India's scrap merchants are also involved in the export of scrap to other nations. India is a significant exporter of scrap metal, especially aluminum and copper. Electronic garbage may also be exported by scrap merchants to foreign nations for processing or recycling.

Nonetheless, there are certain difficulties facing the Indian scrap selling sector. Hazardous items, like electronic trash, can have detrimental effects on the environment and human health if not handled and disposed of properly. Furthermore, the sector is frequently unregulated and informal, which raises concerns about worker rights and safety.

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