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Design and development is not just about making something look good. It’s a powerful tool of communication and is a major influence to the success of any project. It helps to deliver hight quality products and services which lead to better user experience and in turn, happier customers.

I have more than 10 years of extensive experience in web , mobile and desktop application design and development. I’m highly skilled in C#, java, SQL & Adobe software as well as other tools and design technologies. My solid background in problem solving has allowed me to manage teams with exceptional performance. As a computer science major I have passion to strive for innovation and fresh ideas.

This is more than just a job for me; It’s my craft, it’s my passion. I take great joy in what I do. I love solve problems. Make improvements and create designs that are intuitive, simple to use and deliver unforgettable customer experiences. I’ve always believed that this is key to every successful business. I work on each project until the client is 100% satisfied and aim try to craft something which goes beyond the client’s expections.

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