The Myle vs Juul Which is better?

JUUL provides a reasonable functionality though it is a little too simple. The stylish juul and juul 2 device minimalism and elegance work on an aesthetic level. But when it comes to action, the design is not as intuitive. Measuring the battery level is difficult with just only one green, yellow or red flashing light is a difficult task. Also, there is a provision to see the level of pod juice that shows the tip of the capsule. If you see the capsule, it indicates the time for a capsule change.

MYLE also uses the flashlight option to depict the battery life. But unlike JUUL, it has 4 points, which makes it a more convenient option in the MYLE Vs JUUL battery life competition. Also, with a larger transparent provision to know how full the capsule is, MYLE V5 becomes a more useful option. However, the MYLE V5 option drops down this feature to impart a more minimal design.

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