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Tearaway Cotton Embroidery Paper is manufactured using 100% cotton fibre. Our executives monitor the manufacturing process, and as a consequence, we produce an assortment of optimum quality products, in various... Read More

Nearly every place you sit or stand has a nonwoven fabric. It could be a coffee filter, a tea bag, a mask, diapers, tissues for contact lenses, or other such... Read More

Types of non-woven fabrics and how they are processed

Non-woven fabric is made from staple fiber (short) and long fiber (continuous long), bonded together by mechanical, heat, chemical, or solvent treatment. The phrase is used in the textile manufacturing... Read More

Manjushree Spntek Pvt Ltd Bengaluru

Fully Integrated Roll Goods Manufacturer for Medical and Hygiene applications. Online Packaging Solution to provide Non-contact packaging of Medical and Hygiene products. We are experts in co-creating and building appropriate... Read More