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IIT Bombay's Team Agriyan was creating a "agribot" to automate chemical application in fields, assisting farmers in overcoming a labour shortage. Prior to attending GDC, the firm surveyed around 50... Read More

ROHA Biotech of IIT Madras was developing a biodegradable packaging material using agricultural waste, including sugarcane bagasse, cereal hay, and sawdust, as well as the weaving abilities of mushroom mycelium.... Read More

Team Pragati Tech designed an SNH robot to sanitise, clean, and assist hospital employees. Pragati Tech's team has only recently started. GDC IITM created this innovation programme in order to... Read More

In the sense that the professor (Faculty Lead) had previously participated in the I-NCUBATE programme from GDC IITM twice with other start-ups, Team Thermelgy was a "experienced" team. Thermelgy already... Read More

It was almost as though Team Theevanam had been made specifically for the I-NCUBATE programme at GDC IITM. They had a technical-savvy, motivated entrepreneurial team as well as two faculty... Read More