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Knife collection is my next great obsession next to toy collecting. More than once people asked why a grown man like me would collect toys. Well they think it’s childish... Read More

When it comes to non-tactical knives, the Opinel is a favourite. It’s dirt-cheap and a certified utility performer. Talk about getting more than what you paid for. I got a... Read More

It was different a couple of years ago. With not enough cash to buy myself a decent folder, what I got in my pocket is simply a counterfeit clone; now... Read More

A full emergency kit was one of the first things I considered when I was building my EDC (Every Day Carry) gear kit. It won’t hurt if you have something... Read More

Thank goodness for smartphones! Once I carried different gadgets in my bag, but now a single smartphone is all I need. Between iOS and Android, I prefer Android for being... Read More

It’s only recently that I finished building my EDC kit, and it all started when I scrapped that awful clone knife and decided to get a real one. Again, as... Read More