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Genetic test Package | DNA test Kit

DNA genetic testing is a very common concept these days that helps us find out certain things related to health, disease, or ancestry. Keeping this in mind, Indus Health Plus... Read More

MEDNAwise genetic testing can help us to know which drug suits us.

MEDNAwise is a genetic testing package that is a combination of pharmacogenomics. Pharmacogenomics is a field of research that predicts how specific pharmaceuticals and medications will affect you based on... Read More

Pharmacogenomics | Genetic testing benefits in many ways.

Pharmacogenomics helps us know which drugs suit our bodies. Pharmogenomics is a field that recognizes the best drug that suits our body by knowing our genes. Genes play a major... Read More

How genes affect physical fitness?

The "genetics of fitness" refers to the study of how genes can affect physical fitness and athletic performance. There is evidence that certain genetic variations may impact traits such as... Read More