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Strategy to Create a Great Customer Experience

So basically, if you want to be successful in your business, you need to provide an excellent customer experience. You first need to understand your customer’s needs, what they like... Read More

How to Measure Net Promoter Score?

What is Net Promoter Score (NPS)? Net Promoter Score or NPS is a single question that will help measure the complete customer experience and the loyalty of the customer towards the... Read More

Bill Payments Made Easy and Secure

UtilliCX provide your customers with all the self-service tools they need, all in one place digital bill payment experience, via computer, mobile app, Alexa. Bill payment happens at the touch of... Read More

The five stages are divided into pre-sales stages) and, obviously, post-sales stages. Here is the framework, • Awareness (pre-sale) This stage comes through different marketing techniques, data gathering, research, disclosure, clear informing,... Read More

Your business is nothing without your customers. Customers are the fundamental requirement of any business. Having them is a great asset, not only because they are the source of revenue... Read More

Difference between NPS and CSAT | Which is Best?

The NPS question focuses on future recommendations, whereas the CSAT questions focus on the current level of satisfaction. While CSAT measures short-term customer happiness, NPS focuses on long-term customer satisfaction and... Read More

Success Factors for Customer Experience Success

Success Factors for Customer Experience | QaizenX Customer experience, popularly known as CX, is your customers’ perception of their experience with your products and with your business. CX is the... Read More

QaizenX – a leading customer experience and employee engagement platform

QaizenX is a leading Experience Management platform. QaizenX's Customer experience software help measures customer satisfaction; with in-depth analysis, businesses can improve customer experience. As employee engagement is the necessity of... Read More