Prisondoc Tales BY Dr. Aya Biran Nirko

"For 8 years, I worked as a full-time physician (family, emergency, and addic- tion medicine) in the correctional institutes of the Italian province, where I lived with my husband and two girls.
All these years so many people asked so many questions about my life and work in prison.
This book, which was written during the COVID-19 pandemic, tells my stories, an Israeli female MD who worked in prison, from a point a view, which can be sometime ironic, sarcastic, and funny, but never forgetting that behind my stories there are real inmates and real correctional institutes.
My work as a Prison Doc ended unexpectedly and tragically: on 23rd May 2021, a cable car accident happened on the mountain of Motarone in northern Italy, when a cart with fifteen passengers on it, fell from the cables and was dropped into the woods below.
On that cart among the 14 passengers who died in that accident were also my brother Amit, my sister-in-law Tal, and my nephew, Tomi who was 2 years old.
An event, which brought great changes in my life, L.e. my entire whole family & life."