Lunch Covent Garden – Laballerina Italian Restaurant

Upon stepping into La Ballerina, I was immediately captivated by the warm and inviting ambiance. The restaurant’s decor seamlessly combines rustic charm with a touch of sophistication, creating an atmosphere that is both cozy and refined. Soft lighting and a delightful symphony of Italian melodies set the stage for a dining experience that felt like a choreographed dance of flavors.

The ballet-inspired theme permeates the restaurant, with subtle nods to the world of dance in the decor. From the elegant chandeliers that resemble swirling tutus to the framed photographs of iconic ballet performances, La Ballerina pays homage to its inspiration in a tasteful and charming manner.


The menu at La Ballerina is a culinary symphony, showcasing the richness and diversity of Italian cuisine. As I perused the offerings, I couldn’t help but appreciate the thoughtfully curated selection of antipasti, primi, secondi, and dolci.

For starters, I opted for the Caprese Salad, a classic combination of fresh tomatoes, mozzarella, and basil drizzled with balsamic glaze. The vibrant colors and the harmony of flavors set the stage for the culinary journey that lay ahead.

Moving on to the primi, I savored the Linguine alle Vongole – a plate of perfectly cooked linguine adorned with succulent clams, garlic, and a hint of chili. The pasta was al dente, and the delicate balance of ingredients showcased the chef’s commitment to authenticity.

The main course featured the Osso Buco, a Milanese specialty of braised veal shanks in a rich and savory tomato-based sauce. The tender meat fell off the bone effortlessly, leaving me to revel in the robust flavors that lingered on my palate.