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Lightspeed Shopify Integration

Shopify is one of the most popular platforms to create an eCommerce site. With several readymade templates to choose from, sites created on Shopify provide a different look always. When you opt for Lightspeed Shopify Integration, you get an easy and efficient way to manage your inventory and customer data and track your sales across different platforms with ease. Thanks to seamless integration between the two platforms, information can flow easily between these two systems. A single Lightspeed POS can be used to manage inventories across both your retail and your Shopify store. Thanks to the Lightspeed Shopify Integration, you can easily access customer data and the stock situation in real-time. This prevents overselling of products which is one of the best features of the integration.

Lightspeed WooCommerce Integration

Suppose you desire to get updated information regarding your clients and their orders in one place, irrespective of the store you sell your products from. Then you should opt for Lightspeed WooCommerce Integration. You can easily get rid of manual data entries and keep track of the inventory in real-time. The two-way sync lets you easily import the existing inventory from either of the platforms (WooCommerce or Lightspeed) to obtain a consolidated one. This inventory is updated in real-time whenever a sale occurs across any platform. You can easily get automated inventory and order management with client details and ease of billing when you opt for Lightspeed WooCommerce Integration.

Lightspeed BigCommerce Integration

If you desire to sell more products in multiple places, then you need the Lightspeed BigCommerce Integration support. With an automatic listing of products from your Lightspeed POS to your BigCommerce store, you can easily start selling to people across the globe. Since the inventory is synced automatically, you save a lot of time. Moreover, your customers are always provided with accurate stock levels, thereby preventing product overselling. Apart from this, Lightspeed BigCommerce Integration also allows you to manage product information across different selling platforms and POS from one location. The best part of this integration is that it supports in-store pickup.

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