Leveraging Breakthrough AI and CX Automation Advances to Meet Modern Customer Engagement Challenges

The role and significance of the contact center has shifted and the way organizations approach their contact center infrastructure must change to align with the new realities of modern customer and employee engagement.

New research from Verint and Five9 reveals organizations are struggling to embrace new customer service realities due to seismic a shift in the nature of the contact center, its role and significance. This necessitates new approaches to customer engagement and the enabling technology required to support these new realities.

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What is Open CCaaS?
Given these requirements and challenges, many organizations are rethinking the overall approach to contact center architecture and adopting open systems to provide their organizations with the proper capabilities now and in the future. This is giving birth to a new concept known as Open CCaaS. This is a new take on the well-known term, CCaaS or Contact Center as a Service.

CCaaS was originally developed at a time when most interactions took place via phone, chat, or email. Organizational infrastructure was much simpler then, and customer expectations related to levels of service tended to be lower. A telephony-first, all-in-one, “almost good enough” closed approach with minimal automation capabilities was sufficient. However, this limited the brand’s ability to leverage the power of their data and ability to innovate. Organizations had yet to truly understand the importance and imperative of providing a seamless customer experience across multiple channels. But times have changed.
The basis of Open CCaaS is a platform that is open in all dimensions and is necessary for today’s fast-paced technology environment, to future proof the contact center. Now it’s critical to leverage AI and CX automation at the core to elevate customer experience across channels.

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