LCD temperature humidity data logger Price

The temperature humidity data logger is a very important piece of equipment for cold chain transportation or storage in food, medicine, chemical, and other industries. It can monitor and record the temperature changes of the cold chain environment in real-time to ensure the quality and safety of goods. At the same time, it is also suitable for indoor temperature and humidity monitoring in laboratories, libraries, museums, greenhouses, etc.

There are many manufacturers of temperature humidity data logger on the market, with rich models and endless technologies. Freshliance, as a professional manufacturer of temperature and humidity data loggers, has launched a variety of instruments with high accuracy and stable performance. The LCD temperature logger has a large LCD display screen, which can directly view the real-time, maximum, minimum, average temperature, alarm status equipment power, etc., and can detect abnormal changes in the environment in time and analyze the cold chain environment. At the same time, these devices have a large storage capacity and a built-in PDF report generation function. They can generate PDF/CSV/PDF&CSV reports by connecting to a computer without the need for other software, so the operation is very simple.

The temperature humidity data logger produced by Freshliacne has the characteristics of high accuracy, high protection level, low price, etc., can configure parameters, and is very simple to operate, with very high-cost performance. At present, the Freshliance LCD temperature logger has a very high market share and is very popular in cold chain transportation or storage temperature management. It has a good reputation. You are welcome to purchase and place an order!
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