Laboratory Bluetooth Temperature Data Logger

Temperature and humidity are important factors that affect experimental results. Therefore, in general, laboratories must maintain appropriate temperature and humidity, and temperature and humidity data recorders are required to monitor and record to ensure the accuracy and validity of experimental results. The laboratory Bluetooth Temperature Data Logger uses Bluetooth technology and can be connected to a mobile phone to view the temperature and humidity conditions of the laboratory in real-time. It is very cost-effective.

BlueTag TH20 is a Bluetooth temperature humidity data logger used to monitor and record environmental temperature and humidity data. It is very suitable for laboratory environment temperature and humidity monitoring. Experimenters only need to install the Bluetooth App software provided by Freshliance on their smart devices. You can quickly and accurately set various parameters of the product, and you can also read temperature and humidity data through the mobile app. When the temperature and humidity in the laboratory exceed the set warning value, the laboratory Bluetooth Temperature Data Logger can communicate visually, aurally, or as a notification through an application on the connected device, or send it via email or text message to ensure timely understanding of temperature fluctuations. Make temperature and humidity adjustments.

BlueTag TH20 Bluetooth Temperature Humidity Data Logger is a very cost-effective laboratory Bluetooth Temperature Data Logger. It is widely used in indoor environment monitoring, food storage, and transportation, pharmaceutical and medical facilities, cold chain logistics, greenhouses, and many other fields. It can provide good temperature and humidity monitoring and recording data for these fields, with stable operation and high accuracy!