Karat 24 Project: Precious Metals Refining Consultancy

Karat 24 Project is a 1995 formed company, known for its reliable products and fair trade practices. With the support of passionate professionals and well maintained modern facilities, we are meeting the market demands for high quality industrial products like Gold Refining Machine, Silver Refining Machine, ETP, Glass Pilot Plant, Distillation Unit, Laboratory Glass Ware, PPFRP Tanks, Titanium Reactor. specialized in the study and conception of chemical processes and in the design, engineering and construction of plants for treatment, recovery and refining of precious metals, such as: gold, silver, platinum, palladium, rhodium, ruthenium, iridium etc., of base metals such as copper, zinc, nickel, iron, aluminum etc., and other rare earth metals.

We are into the consultation, manufacturing and export of plants with more than 25 years of trust and experience in the related field, the company designs and installs its machineries worldwide. Our plants are built using the most advanced technologies and the highest quality raw materials, in total accordance with international safety and quality standards.

Our plants are modular and customized as per the client’s requisite, hence extremely flexible and suitable for the big industry as well as for the medium size and the small scale works. Further, leveraging on our research and development activities, we are bringing new innovations in the gamut and setting benchmarks in today’s challenging market.

Our range of products offered includes all type of vessels up to 300 Liters. , stirrers, valves, Heat Exchangers (H.T.A. 26m2 single Unit) , Flanges, Gaskets, Pipeline Components, measurements, Control equipments, and hosts of other related items.

We also provide complete plants chemical industries & pharmaceutical industries, and equipment manufacturing is a customer oriented company, which works with the prime objective of offering maximum customer satisfaction.

We adopt innovative approaches and international practice

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