How to Gain Muscle and Lose Fat Fast

Today’s question is – How to gain muscle and lose fat fast? Without any discussion let’s directly dive into a nutshell guide and provide advice one after another.

Do not try to lose body fat rapidly, as rapid fat loss may lead to rapid muscle mass loss. You may target to lose a maximum of 1 pound of fat per week, keeping an optimum balance, subject to your medical history and fitness goals.

To build muscle try to intake a balanced diet keeping the macro ratio – Protein: Carbs: Fat – 25-30: 55-60: 15-20. Remember, there is no macro ratio that applies to all. It depends upon weight, gender, age, health condition and individual goals.

Try weight training or strength training according to your ability, and gradually as well as slowly increase the weight. Design a progressive overload training schedule according to your goals, taking into account your health conditions, workout habits, and workout history.

Include cardio exercise into your routine as per your ability maintaining an optimum balance with weight training, subject to your health condition. This is a necessary part of body re-composition.

Do not consume a large meal at once during your muscle building journey. Take 4 to 5 small meals a day, with a gap of 3 to 4 hours between each meal.

Try to avoid sugar and refined flour intake as much as possible. But, whole grain flour is considered a component of a balanced diet.

To see significant changes in fat burning and fat loss, do not skip meals. If you do, your metabolism may act adversely.

Include protein in every meal, but try to control portion sizes to avoid overeating.

Try to include “NEAT (Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis)” and start walking at least 10,000 steps in a day for losing fat and gaining muscle gradually.

Design an optimum routine to ensure rest and recovery, facilitating muscle repair during various phases.

Getting 7-9 hours of quality sleep daily can boost your progress.

Keep your body hydrated by drinking water.

Try to choose unprocessed and whole foods.

Patience, yes, patience is another key to success. You may keep track of your progress systematically to stay motivated.

Every human physique is unique and no universal formula applies to all. Consult an expert to design your routine, and if you have a medical history, also consult a medical practitioner. In this entire muscle gaining journey, don’t ignore even your minimum health issues. Boost your health and see muscle gain results with science-backed workouts and nutritious foods. In fitness, everything counts!