Homestay in coorg | Shopping in Coorg

Coorg is the place of sandalwood forests, lush coffee & teakwood plantations called as the largest producer of coffee in India makes wondrous little heaven for travelers. Shopping in Coorg is a lovely experience to buy local things. It is also an ideal location for shopping where you can purchase a variety of pieces of stuff manufactured by local people and many shops and markets available in Coorg.
Let us check out some of the interesting things to buy in Coorg.
The most obvious and must-buy from Coorg is Coffee. There is a wide range of coffee varieties available in Coorg markets with high quality. The most popular are Robusta, Arabica, and Chicory. You can get the best organic coffee with a strong rich aroma that tempts every traveler.
Checking into Coorg and not buying honey is foolish. Yes, Coorg honey is the unadulterated one, high demand for its matchless purity, incredible sweetness & flavors. Virajpet market is famous for honey, you can find bottles of honey lined up for taste and to buy home.
Coorg wine is the most popular one as it is homemade. You can buy the local wine in the markets from many of the shops. They are cheap and easily available for purchase based on your taste preferences.
Spices and Dry fruits
In Coorg, the spice plantation is a famous one. You can get organic signature spices like pepper, cardamom, cumin, oregano, basil leaves, garlic, and rosemary. It is also popular for dry fruits like cashew, raisins, and figs. You can buy all these items from the local bustling Friday markets at affordable prices.
Chocolates and Oranges
Coorg oranges are unique with tight skin and extreme taste. They are grown in abundance. It is called Mandarins. You can buy mandarins at cheap prices in the local market.
Homemade chocolates are available in all local shops in Coorg. Choci Coorg is one of the great places to find assorted homemade chocolates.
Coorg is a heavenly place for travelers, adventure seekers, holiday people, and shopaholics. Book luxury resorts in Coorg & chill out your days. You can even buy some more items like handmade jewelry items, handicrafts, Tibetan artifacts, and clothing.

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