Graphite Dies & Molds in India

Continuous Casting can be considered as a heat extraction process as it involves removal of superheat and latent heat of solidification.Graphite dies and molds are critical to the process and allow the metal processing from the molten state to the solid state, while forming semi-finished products.

Since Graphite has the ability to oppose the wetting by molten metals and, it renders utility as a mold material for strip dies, tubular dies, and other molds used in continuous casting processes for copper and copper alloys (brass, bronze, and nickel silver), aluminum alloys, cast iron, precious metals, and a variety of other metals.

Another vital factor that makes Graphite a popular choice for Continuous Casting is its ability to self-lubricate. Graphite is a strong lubricant, it generates low friction between the mold and the cast material.Thus allowing for smooth extraction of the casting.

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