Forward AOL Mail To Gmail | Forward AOL Mail

Forward AOL Mail To Gmail, of course, is sent through Gmail. Select Check email from other accounts while tapping the machine gear icon in the right half of the window, then Accounts and Import. In the next step, enter your Forward AOL Mail To Gmail email address. Click Next. Sign in to Gmail, duplicate the messages you want to import into an envelope, and then select Gmail settings > Show all settings. Your AOL email address and secret word must be entered before enabling the Next Import flag (Account and Import > Import Emails and Contacts). Sometimes you have a lot of emails which later brings a lot of trouble to your system. Either way, that doesn't mean you can't constantly check plenty of records to keep your emails up to date. Some people think that having many news sites can cause too much rush, and it can. Don't do anything else, but you can constantly monitor it by sending Forward AOL Mail To Gmail from one place to another, using various logs.

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