Drug Cold Chain Management Disposable Temperature Data Logger

Due to the special nature of drugs, their storage and management requirements are also different. Since many drugs are sensitive to temperature, they are generally stored in an environment with a suitable and constant temperature. For example, vaccines are stored in a constant environment of 0℃~8℃; stored drugs and biological products are stored in an environment of 2℃~8℃, etc.

The transportation and storage of drugs not only require cold chain management but also require professional temperature monitoring equipment to monitor and record the ambient temperature to ensure that the ambient temperature of the drugs does not change significantly and affects its quality and safety. The Disposable Temperature Data Logger is a critical device for pharmaceutical cold chain management. It can monitor and record the temperature of the pharmaceutical environment. It has the characteristics of high sensitivity and high accuracy and can provide reliable and true temperature data for the pharmaceutical industry.

Thermis Log 10T Disposable USB Temperature Data Logger is a cost-effective thermometer launched by Freshliance. It can efficiently monitor and record the ambient temperature of pharmaceuticals. The temperature can be viewed directly through the LCD display, or the temperature can be obtained by plugging it into a computer via a USB plug. Data reporting facilitates data analysis and can provide the pharmaceutical industry with better standard evidence for storage and transportation environments.

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