Does Insurance Cover Drug and Alcohol Detox?

All health insurance is not the same. Covered medical care varies by insurance type, as do the out-of-pocket costs for these services. By the end of this article, you’ll know:

The major forms of health insurance
What categories of insurance coverage mandate substance abuse coverage
What to do if your insurance doesn’t cover detox or you’re uninsured
The major forms of health insurance in the United States are employer-provided (i.e. insurance from your job), Obamacare, Medicare, Medicaid, and TRICARE. While there are other forms of insurance (e.g. short-term plans, hospital insurance, etc.), the ones we cover are the most popular forms of coverage and the ones most relevant to addiction treatment. After reviewing each insurance category, we will also share a few thoughts on payment plans for the uninsured or those whose coverage does not apply to your preferred detox or rehab facility.