Do you aspire to be a creative student in life?

Kruu is a project-based learning (PBL) focused school that believes in delivering an innovative and creative educational experience to students. We combine the best practices from high schools, universities, and workplaces to create a unique and effective learning environment. Our curriculum is designed to engage students in real-world problem-solving through PBL, allowing them to gain practical skills that will serve them well in their future careers.

We also incorporate edtech tools into our teaching methods, making use of the latest technologies to enhance the learning experience. Our teachers are experts in their fields and work closely with students to provide guidance and support throughout their educational journey.

Our collaborative learning environment fosters teamwork, communication, and critical thinking, preparing students for success in any field they choose. Our campus connects students with industry experts, university partners, and other educational resources to expand their horizons and help them achieve their goals.

Our K12 program focuses on preparing students for higher education, whether they choose to pursue a traditional university path or opt for vocational training or entrepreneurship. We recognize that every student has unique talents and learning styles, and our creative approach to education leverages multiple intelligences to ensure every student reaches their full potential.

At Kruu, we believe that creative intelligence is essential for success in today's rapidly changing world, and we strive to cultivate this trait in all our students. We encourage experimentation, risk-taking, and innovation, helping students develop the confidence and skills they need to tackle any challenge they may face.

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