As one of the most versatile fencing products on the market, chain wire fencing is a highly popular security solution for keeping your assets protected.

Chain wire fencing, also called chain mesh, chain link or cyclone mesh fencing, is useful for a range of industrial and residential applications. Chiefly, chain wire is known for being economical, durable and simple to install.

The Brisbane-based Karlka FenceWright team can supply chain wire fencing in various sizes, heights, and wire thicknesses. Chain wire can also be upgraded with additional features including gates or heavy-duty reinforcements such as horizontal bracing wire and barbed or razor wire extensions. It can be customised with a powder-coated pipe or PVC-coated wire.

Chain wire fencing can be found in Brisbane and across Australia in council infrastructure, schools, car parks and all construction sites. Highly affordable and easy to install, chain wire is renowned for maximising safety with a minimum spend as well as being easy to repair.

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