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Advance Chemicals-Paper Chemicals Manufacturer in India

We are a manufacturer of chemicals for the pulp & paper industry. We believe in value creation through import substitution by developing and promoting indigenous technologies. Our main focus is... Read More

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Define Nonionic surfactant or ethoxylated nonionic surfactant?

Nonionic surfactant refers to the surfactant molecules, which do not undergo ionization when being dissolved in water. The Nonionic surfactant are not in the ionic state in the solution, thereby... Read More

The compound that lower the surface tension between two phases, like between two liquids, a gas and a liquid, or a liquid and a solid are called surface-active agent or... Read More

Atlabs brand protection services laboratory in Tiruppur

Atlabs has been pioneering in providing Textile Testing services for customers around the world with a good knowledge of the global market & quality requirements.We are proud to be an... Read More

Industrial, Cleaning, Oil field, Water treatment, Painting, Food, Mining, Construction, Power plant,

Al Rama International Chemical Suppliers Company in Dubai, UAE. We are Specialized Chemicals Our Service Industrial Chemical, Cleaning Chemical, Oil field Chemical, Water treatment Chemical, Painting Chemical, Food Chemical, Mining... Read More

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Main products: 3CM series automatic bag packing machine and automatic conveying line equipment, GKS/BZR series heat sealing machine, GS-9 series / GK35 series sewing machine and so on, which are... Read More

On Etisalat Yellow pages you may find Chemicals & Chemical Products Manufacturers & Suppliers in UAE list. We have tremendous organizations registered with us from around UAE which are probably... Read More