Canter Safari – Jim Corbett – Corbett Visit

A canter safari is popular in that it allows for 16 people at a time as well as 4 canters per shift in the morning and afternoon, respectively. It is a shared safari, and Canter is similar to an open minibus. A canter safari visits the Dhikala zone, which is located in the centre of Corbett Tiger Reserve or Jim Corbett National Park and is well recognized for its density and beauty. If you do not have a permit for an overnight stay in Dhikala, a canter safari is the best way to see the zone. The safari canter usually stops at a forest rest house where visitors can enjoy the Ramganga River and witness the wildlife.

The Canter safari begins at the Ramnagar Corbett office, so passengers who have pre-booked permits can board the Canter here for the safari. There are two canter safaris every day, one in the morning at 6 a.m. and another in the afternoon at 12 p.m.Canter safaris are available from November 15 to June 15.