Buy Blue sapphire(Neelam) 4.85 carat | Origin From Srilanka (Cylon)

Product Description:

Blue sapphire is a precious gemstone to wear as jewelry on different occasions. It is recognized as a powerful stone to bring health, wealth, and luck to life.
You will get success and Fame in less time by wearing a gem on the body. According to astrology, people of different zodiac signs have different impacts on life by wearing a Neelam stone. Vedic astrology allows people to wear it to get more success and Fame.
This gemstone is available with various certifications which you can choose while purchasing from our website.


• Provides mental relief and enhances mental strength.
• Protection from evil nazar and hexes.
• Improves decision-making.
• Soothes the senses and helps gain self–control.
• Removes negativity and unknown fears.
• Gives a positive financial boost.