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AI Chatbot And eLearning Experience

At present, dedicated AI chatbots to particular industries can be found. Ex: sales chatbot that aids to manage sales procedures or customer service, helps to improve customer experience. As human... Read More

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) | Pridesys IT Ltd

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) | Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Software System | Pridesys IT Ltd | Different Innovation and Excellence Pridesys IT Ltd. is a one of the leading IT... Read More

ERP solution in Bangladesh | Pridesys IT Ltd

ERP solution in Bangladesh | Pridesys IT Ltd own developed ERP product for Trading Business, Service Business & Manufacturing Industries Specially e- Governance, Garments/RMG (Finishing, Dyeing, Knitting, Woven, Washing, Cutting,... Read More

Big Data Analytics in Bangladesh | Pridesys IT Ltd

Pridesys ERP is a fully integrated inventory and accounting ERP system designed for small-medium wholesale and distribution companies across a variety of industries. IT is a 100% free and open-source... Read More